wall layer 

The share of heat losses through the exterior walls of a building can be as high as 32% of the total losses. External wall insulation can reduce these losses many times. Therefore, this method warmed - though less popular than the light wet method is also commonly used on Polish construction sites. This is a new text

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House designs

In this category you will find information on the projects houses. You will learn where you can order a project, what to pay attention, what to look for when signing a contract, how the investment process, you need to know about the process of investment in the project selection, signing a contract with the designer, determine the scope of the project. You will learn what must project what should and what may or may not. You will learn when to choose a project ready and have to adapt the project to the conditions of your parcel and when you should have performed the individual project.

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wooden houses

 What you should know about wooden houses?

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